“Lenora is an amazing teacher. She is loving, kind and very accepting to her students. She helped my child with her comprehension through various forms of effective ideas. My child was very comfortable in her learning environment. I am thankful to Lenora for instilling the love of reading and writing, in my child. I recommend Lenora to all the parents who want to provide good reading and writing skills to their children.”                               Sumona D., (Mother of two)

“Innovative Ideas in Education, LLC is a fantastic resource for a parent seeking help with educating his/her child, whether it is to assist in a subject with which the child is struggling or to provide enrichment to a child who needs an additional challenge. Lenora Falciani, the owner of Innovative Ideas in Education, LLC, is a reading specialist, experienced teacher, and a wealth of knowledge. I attended her workshops when my children were toddlers/preschoolers, and was amazed at the fun, hands-on, educational games that she helped the participants create. My children loved to play the games from the workshop, and the games greatly enhanced their literacy skills from a very young age. Since that time, I have used her tutoring services to enrich my children’s public school education over the summer, and was very also very pleased. Lenora provides a fun, creative approach to teaching that keeps children engaged.”
Christine D. (Mother of three)

“Lenora Falciani is the owner of and master teacher behind Innovative Ideas In Education, LLC. Her love of children and her deep knowledge of how children construct meaning at each milestone level drive her impressive work. Through the use of hands-on learning, fun and interesting games, and meaningful activities that are relevant to young and developing minds, Lenora guides each child in reaching his or her potential. Whether tutoring in reading, writing or mathematics, or offering her expertise in a teacher workshop, she has such a lovely way with people of all ages, and cares so deeply about her families. She is a wonderful resource for children, parents and teachers alike. I truly value her ideas, philosophy and friendship.”
Sharon (2nd Grade Teacher)

“My Kindergartener loved the games we made during my consultation with you! I walked away with a bag of tools to help her with reading skills and they were created specifically to meet her needs. The consultation is awesome for any parent who wants to be a part of their child’s learning process and provide fun, creative games they will want to use. Lenora has a gift and it should be shared.”
Jeanette (Mother of three)

“Lenora has an amazing ability to effectively adapt her teaching style to meet the unique needs of each of the students she tutors. My son has benefited tremendously by her continued patience, skill and perseverance.”
Jenny L . (Mother of three)

“Lenora’s workshops have been a fabulous outreach to countless families. She has the  ability to make all participants feel inspired to provide literacy opportunities for their children.”
Mary Wikowitz (Preschool Director)

“Lenora Falciani has been such a great blessing to our son’s reading and writing development. He certainly would not be the READER(!) he is today at 8 without her enthusiasm and dedication to see him succeed. Her ability to connect with him during each session makes it really fun for him while she sees what needs to happen to help him progress. She is an outstanding tutor!”
Annie B. (Mother of three)

“Lenora Falciani  has done more than help our son with his academic performance, she has also done wonders for his self-confidence and attitude towards school. Her advice and support have been invaluable as we look for new ways to help him succeed.  He looks forward to his time with Lenora because she makes learning fun.”
Karina T. (Mother of three)

“Lenora is an exceptional tutor. She incorporates learning in a fun environment and my  son  truly enjoys his sessions. He would go everyday if I ‘d let him.”  Kim H. (Mother of three)

“The October game-making workshop at Teacher’s Apple in Ashburn, was fantastic for both teachers and parents. Lenora provided an abundance of materials for creating individualized educational games that make learning fun for children. She also educated her participants on the fundamentals necessary to encourage developing readers and writers. I was amazed at how she took the time to customize her materials and information to accommodate the different needs of the class.  Her knowledge, experience, and creativity made this workshop a very worthwhile experience.
Julie M. (Kindergarten Enrichment Program Teacher)

“As a “retired” teacher as well as a mother of two, I enjoyed attending Lenora’s Game Night workshop for so many reasons.  She is probably the most gifted teacher I have encountered.  She has a way of teaching through play that makes learning fun!  I wanted to get some ideas of games that I could create for my children – especially my four year old.  I was amazed at how much time she took in preparing the materials for us.  Each attendee had enough materials to create 5+ games and ideas to make many more!  The knowledge as well as game pieces, booklets, stickers, etc. far exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend this class to all parents and teachers that are interested in learning new ways to engage their children in educational fun!!!”
Brenda S. Greengold (Founder and Creator of The First Word L.L.C.)

“I was so impressed with the workshop. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially educators. I love the idea of learning with everyday household items. My son loves his unique specialized games. Learning can be fun with the right tools.”
Billy Jo B. (Mother)

“I was very impressed with Tim’s project today! Thanks for the wonderful support. He is going to miss you and I hope that he can come to tutoring with you again someday. Thanks for giving him such a wonderful experience! You are truly a gifted teacher.
Veronica P. (Mother)