Sharing Books With Children

Sharing Books with Children:  A poem by Lenora Falciani.

I started with a paper and pencil.
Yes, in this computer age,
writing a poem for my professor,
on this blank, white page.

I’m not a practiced poet yet,
as you can plainly see.
But, I’ve read all kinds of poems
and they’ve inspired me.

This poem is due in just a few days.
It must be cleverly done.
So, I will create each line and each word,
one by one.  

Here goes…

Sharing books with children is enjoyable and fun.
Whether as a read-aloud or in a meadow beneath the sun.
Watching a child’s face light up with excitement and glee
at amazing stories is rewarding to me.

I can share historical fiction books 
with the children on my block,
or fantasy books about magic, 
with tutoring students after 3:00 O’clock.

There are many excellent authors to share,
different genres from which I can choose.
Non-fiction books about a bug, or a bear,
from such an assortment, I can’t lose.

If you’ll relax and open your mind
to the pages about to unfold,
incredible adventure you will find
and characters clever and bold.

Get ready to hear some stories and rhymes,
and tales of dragons in fantastical times.
Science fiction and mysteries, and people brave,
the Underground Railroad and a girl slave.

Sharing books with children is important for sure.
A book is more than you see at first glance.
So, if you can let your imagination soar,
you’ll be glad you gave books a chance.

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