Kindergarten student working with sight words

This video demonstrates a Kindergarten student practicing sight words in a meaningful context. Words from his sight word vocabulary have been written onto Post-It notes. The wall is the back drop for the sentences. I provided the student with a set of sticky notes that formed a sentence. The lesson teaches left to right orientation as the words are placed from left to right on the wall in a series. He uses critical thinking to consider the words provided and make a decision about the correct order that makes the most sense. He questions me about the order. He learns that by placing them in a meaningful order, he is reading. He manipulates the words and using trial and error reads and re-reads the words in different orders until he is satisfied with the outcome. Not on the video is our choral reading of the final sentence. This is an activity that parents can try at home without too much preparation. It is important to note that the student does his thinking out loud and the adult provides support. The lesson is student-driven. I give the student the notes needed to complete one sentence at a time. If I were to give him all of the sticky notes at once, it would be overwhelming. I have narrowed the margin of error by only giving him one set of notes at a time.